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KMA is an audio equipment and vinyl record store in Portland, Maine. 

We offer a line of made-to-order speakers with full-range drivers, subwoofers, a speaker/sub-woofer selector box, and a line of solid wood audio equipment and record shelving units.

All KMA-made products are designed and produced by Joe Kievitt and Sammie Warren. We both have backgrounds in art, design, and woodworking, and have been collaborating on various projects for 10 years. 

In addition to offering KMA products, we carry tube amplifiers and preamplifiers by Elekit - a Japanese manufacturer of high quality, attractive, and affordable vacuum tube equipment. Elekit products are an incredible match with our line of speakers. 

The high fidelity equipment market is generally overpriced and over designed. KMA’s mission is to make and carry a range of great sounding products, from affordable to high end, with a focus on quality and aesthetics. In addition to our in-house designs, KMA offers a range of other products and services. These include audio consulting and installations for homes and businesses, turntable adjustment and repair, record cleaning, and high quality vinyl to digital recordings. 

KMA’s record selection primarily focuses on electronic, jazz, and world music with an emphasis on new releases and reissues. Whenever possible, we carry heavy weight, high quality pressings. 

KMA is an online and by-appointment-only store. Please call or email us to make an appointment to visit our showroom or to buy records. We have a deep commitment to and love for music, high quality audio, and design and would love to share this with you.

Thank you,

Joe Kievitt + Sammie Warren

Contact: 207-650-1084  ||