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$ 3,090.00

 38.5" High x 15.5" Wide x 13" Deep

12" Classic Ferrite Drivers
12" Classic Alnico Drivers
12" Super Ferrite Drivers
12" Super Alnico Drivers

A few words about specifications:

There are really no firm industry standards for testing drive units (speakers).
No standard anechoic chamber.
No standard test baffle.
No standard temperature to test at.

Specifications can vary 20% or more, depending on the temperature at the time the tests were conducted.

If one company's specifications are done one way, what do you think happens when you compare those numbers with another company's?

Companies generally make the numbers look the way they want them to look.
This is not the case with Audio Nirvana drivers. Extensive prototype testing has been done just sell the speakers that sound best.....not look the best on paper. 

You can't look at numbers, or design speakers with numbers, and have any idea how the speaker will sound. 




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