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We offer a line of made-to-order speakers with full-range drivers.  The speaker cabinets can be ordered in 5 sizes with a choice of wood species and drivers, allowing for customers to own speakers within their budget and at any time upgrade the drivers to a higher-end model. We house Audio Nirvana full-range drivers (designed by David Dicks) in our meticulously designed cabinets - producing remarkable speakers for their price.

In general full-range drivers are highly efficient meaning they open up at low volumes, yet the drivers we use also maintain low distortion with higher amplification. Full-range drivers sound fantastic with all amplifiers - producing sound with great clarity and imaging- but due to their high efficiency they allow for considerable volume with low-wattage tube amplifiers - which we believe is the best way to power speakers.

Our speaker cabinets use a simple bass reflex design and are meticulously handcrafted with a combination of solid wood and 1/16" thick veneer, finished with 6 coats of a rub-on oil based polyurethane. The cabinet interior is 3/4" MDF with quality damping material and Cardas solid copper binding posts. We use small magnets, installed behind the veneer to attach the grill covers. The grill cloth is hand woven on a loom here in Maine. Included is a tool to remove the covers. The tool (a piece of hardwood with internal magnets) is stored on the back side of the cabinet (see the video on our blog). 

- There is no separate woofer, no tweeter, and no crossover.
- Frequency Response: 22 hz to 20,000 hz (varies by model)
- Clarity, detail, accuracy, and realism are unmatched because the sound comes from a single voice coil.
-  Imaging and soundstage are incredible because the sound comes from a single point in space.
- All speaker models are very efficient--at least 95 dB

- The 'CLASSIC' driver series does not have a whizzer cone or phase plug and provides both more detail and less distortion.  The voicecoil is sealed and protected by a specially treated fabric dust cap. The Classic drivers as especially good for a listening room with a specific listening position. For 6.5" an 8" driver the classic series is all we offer because they sound best in all environments. with the 10" driver up to the 15" drivers, the driver choice is dependent upon the use and design of the listening room. 

- The 'SUPER' driver series include a cast aluminum phase plug (copper anodized) to prevent cancellation across the whizzer cone.  These also feature 'open' voice coils which extend high frequency response.  The Super drivers has a wider listening range than the Classic 

- The 'HORN' series use special 'camel bumps' on the cone and trade some vertical dispersion for additional midrange detail.  These offer the most detail. They also featured a sealed voice coil protected by a specially treated fabric dust cap.

- Audio Nirvana drivers use the highest quality cast aluminum frames, not cheap pressed steel sheet metal commonly used by many speaker manufacturers. 

- We are also available to build cabinets without drivers. Contact us for pricing.

Please call or email with any questions:
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